Problem based learning is one of the aspects that brought out the best in me

I am Atuhaire Immaculate an alumnus of IHSU and it was a great opportunity for me to study from IHSU. It is well equipped with teaching materials and well-trained lecturers, conducive reading environment and well-equipped libraries.

Problem-based learning is one of the aspects that brought out the best in me. During these sessions, I gained confidence and good communication skills because all these were part of my assessment. This reminds of the time I was in my final year and I had the capability to compete for jobs with people who had already finished school. They were the best moments of my life because everyone would always want to know where I study from and it still happens even now.

Due to the quality of education at IHSU, I was pushed to come back for a postgraduate and I have always encouraged other people to join too. Currently two of my colleagues at work study from IHSU too. There is already a difference in how they execute their duties. This makes me more proud of IHSU.

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate 10 years of IHSU’s existence and excellence in quality training