IHSU has had a great impact on my life and my services in East Africa

I am Taban Patrick and I come from South Sudan. I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Public Health in December 2012 and with Master of Science in Public Health in November 2016. IHSU has had a great impact on my life and my services in East Africa and the great lakes region.

My studies in the two programs added value to my career aspiration as below:

  1. Upgraded my competence in the field of public health to offer better health services
  2. Shaped my values through teaching, interaction, exemplary learning from members of staff and great services of the University.

Job experience:

  1. Worked for six Months as Health Tutor at Maridi Health Sciences Institute (MHSI) and got a promotion to Head of Department for Clinical Officer Training.
  2. Attended and passed the public interview for  MHSI Principal in a period of one and half years of working with BSc. Public Health of  IHSU. I attributed my selection as Principal to good command of expression (acquired from Scholarship English, Health Promotion and Communication offered at IHSU) as well as demonstrating my ability and competence of teaching, managing resources, considering every human being worthy, commitment to duty and obligations.
  3. In my four years as a Principal, all students graduated in their courses of diploma in midwifery, clinical medicine and public health with only two candidates who re-sat supplementary of National Examinations Board in my period of office.

My career journey;
Is to establish a private Health Institution/University in South Sudan and possibly give back by partnering with IHSU in making a difference to healthcare education as am still heading a Government-NGO partnered Health Institution.
Perfect areas of IHSU were:

  1. Correct record keeping of student results and finance records.
  2. Reliable ICT system for coordination of learning and communication.
  3. Approachable and committed teaching and non-teaching members of staff